Introduction: A Business That Matters

Does your business matter? If your business shut down for good tomorrow, would it be missed? Would it have left an impact?

Sure, there would be employees out of work, and customers who would have to get their products or services somewhere else. But your employees would find new jobs, and your customers would buy from someone else, and life would go on. If your business was just a business, then its absence wouldn’t be noticed for long, and in a short time would fade from memory altogether.

Or you could have a business that matters, one that is Successful, Sustainable, and Significant.

Successful business is not just one that is making money, but rather is one that people want to be a part of, either as customers or employees. Its customers don’t just buy its products and services, they endorse the business with their purchases and recommend it to others. And its employees don’t just work there for a job, they are there to do meaningful work, and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Sustainable business is one that is not dependent on any person or product, but rather is built on an idea and a purpose that is lasting. Its activities, its people, and its offering will change over time to adapt to the world that is changing around it, but the business itself will endure.

And a Significant business is one that is not simply surviving, or even thriving, but rather is leading the way in its marketplace. It sets the standard that other businesses compare themselves to and aspire to be like. In other words, it makes a noticeable impact.

If you rated your business on each of these three elements, how would you do? How could you do better? In my future posts I will write in more detail about these elements, and what it takes to become a business that matters.

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